Piccolo Regio Laboratorio


The Piccolo Regio Laboratorio was instituted in 1999 on the wave of an ambitious dream: to create a cultural space with a precise identity that weds deftness of management with interdisciplinarity, experimental vocation with the strong tradition of the Theatre, a comparison and synthesis of the various arts with the coordination of institutions and realities in the territory, but especially a contemporary matrix with a youthful audience. The latter seemed to us to be the most important challenge: the hope was that the research would be shared by a young audience participating in and helping the creation of a repertoire of our times.

About one hundred stage settings, with the involvement of more than one hundred composers and choreographers, the numerous co-productions, the variety and participation of the audiences, today seem concrete evidence that the Piccolo Lab, with its eight seasons, has conquered a specific role in terms of the various shows offered in the city.
One of the results that gave us the greatest satisfaction was the symbiotic rapport that the Piccolo Lab developed with the School at the Opera, an equally ambitious project in terms of the quantity of initiatives and the exceptional participation: more than one thousand events thus far and fifty thousand in attendance each year. The stalls filled with jubilant children and teens stimulated the Piccolo Lab project, encouraged by the simplicity with which young people welcome originality and so easily relate to new technologies. The two programmes became transformed into two communicating vessels with the passage and the exchange of performances and productions.

As a natural evolution, the 2007-08 Season follows this general plan and proposes a programme of events that have the usual contemporary connotation. The inauguration is entrusted to the young students of the Ballet School of the Teatro alla Scala. The fact that there is a lot of dance is correct because today the choreographers are the ones who give the most momentum to the relationship between musical languages from a variety of sources. Such is the case of Fabrizio Monteverde, one of the finest Italian choreographers, who returns with his kaleidoscopic Pinocchio, or of Béatrice Massin and the French dance troupe Petite Fabrique, which will present three amusing creations inspired by the fables of Jean de La Fontaine.

La mia scena è un bosco by Emanuele Luzzati is a free and easy reinterpretation of plots and characters from traditional operatic repertoire, while Daniel Defoe’s classic novel is the object of a modern, lyrical reworking in Robinson by Carlo Boccadoro.

Two new stagings produced in collaboration with the School at the Opera: Cenerentola, ovvero Angelina e la magia del cuore and Anna. The first is an adaptation of the Rossini opera and involves the Associazione Baretti, the Laboratorio Ensemble, and the Children’s chorus of Teatro Regio and the ‘Giuseppe Verdi’ Conservatory of Turin. The second production, freely inspired by the Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, is dedicated to the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.
Completing the playbill is Cronache animali, a pocket-opera by Nicola Campogrande, and Dingderling DingDing!, concert-opera conceived by Sergio Liberovici.

The 2007-08 Season of Piccolo Lab therefore finds itself supporting the commitment and attention that for some years the Teatro Regio has been dedicating to families by promoting events capable of involving parents and children at the same time, like the amusing laboratory Play...ing with Mum and Dad or the calendar of At Regio with the Family, which proposes certain performances at very favourable conditions for families. We are comforted by the public’s response to these initiatives, as we are by the free and spontaneous attitude that young people have towards modernity. We hope that by participating together, for once the children can teach the parents to listen openly and directly, for the education of a new audience for today and for tomorrow, regardless of age.

Walter Vergnano
Superintendent Teatro Regio Foundation