Administration and staff

All sectors of the Theatre with their relative contact information

Le scale mobili nel foyer del Teatro Regio

Head Management

Superintendent Mathieu Jouvin
Artistic Direction Cristiano Sandri
Financial Direction Claudia De Filippo (ad interim)
House Management Dario Acquadro (ad interim)
Technical Direction Antonio Stallone
Artistic Laboratories Direction Claudia Boasso
Marketing and Fundraising Marcello Ronchei
Press and Communication Paola Giunti (on expectation)
Personnel and Legal Affairs Alessandra Bazoli
Prevention and Safety Service Gianfranco Carriere
Procurement and Public Contracts Barbara Mussino
Guideline Council Secretary Emanuela Papini


Superintendence and Guideline Council Contacts


+39 011 8815 238

Artistic Direction

Artistic Director Cristiano Sandri
Artistic Secretary Gianluca Martinenghi
Stage Musical Director Giulio Laguzzi
Chorus Master Ulisse Trabacchin
Children's Chorus Master Claudio Fenoglio
Chorus Inspector Diego Sciarrillo
Orchestra Inspector Mauro Ponzio
Stage Manager Riccardo Fracchia
Production Department Manuela Albanese
Répétiteurs Giulio Laguzzi
Music Library Alessandra Calabrese
Artistic secretary Staff Bureau, Education
and Children's Chorus Management
Marina Pantano
Orchestra Teatro Regio Torino  
Chorus Teatro Regio Torino  



Artistic Direction

+39 011 8815 204

Production Department

+39 011 8815 220
+39 011 8815 267


Music Library

+39 011 8815 534

Children's Chorus

+39 011 8815 227


House management

House Management Dario Acquadro (ad interim)
Budget e reporting Cristina Pauletto
Services department Angelo Scarnato
Maintenance and Plant Operation Roberto Milone (ad interim)
Technical Services and Automation Franco Giordana
IT Service Glauco Marini

House Management

+39 011 8815 515


Technical Direction

Technical Director Antonio Stallone
Stagehands Giorgio Tirelli
Props men Andrea Rugolo
Eletricians to be appointed
Phonic and video Vladi Spigarolo
Dress-making Laura Viglione
Logistics Marco Melara

Technical Direction

+39 011 8815 725


Artistic Laboratories Direction

Artistic Laboratories Direction Claudia Boasso
Workshops Stefania Di Dio

Technical Direction

+39 011 8815 221


Financial Management

Financial Manager Claudia De Filippo (ad interim)
Accounting and Tax Office Claudia De Filippo (ad interim)
Management Control Office Claudia De Filippo (ad interim)
Budget and reporting Chiara Marengo (ad interim)

Financial Management

+39 011 8815 231

Administrative Management

Administrative manager Mathieu Jouvin (ad interim)
Procurement and Public Contracts Barbara Mussino
Storehouse Gianni Maffei
Personnel and Legal Affairs Direction Alessandra Bazoli
Staff Administration Marilena Deufemia
Entrance and Concierge management Mauro Ponzone
Legal Department Jennifer Raso
Organisation and Processes Mauro Ponzone



Procurement and Public Contracts

+39 011 8815 218

Personnel and Legal Affairs Direction

+39 011 8815 240

Marketing and Fundraising Direction

Marketing and Fundraising Director Marcello Ronchei
Marketing Sara Dapino
Fundraising Delphine Geldof
Public Relation and Rooms Management Rossella Giuliano
Web marketing, Social, Web site Management Sara Zago (ad interim)



Marketing and Fundraising Direction

+39 011 8815 225

Press and Communication Direction

Press and Communication Director Paola Giunti
Referent Press Office and Communication Sara Zago
Historical Archive and Publishing Simone Solinas



Press and Communication Director

+39 011 8815 233 

Press Office

+39 011 8815 239 

Historical Archive and Publishing

+39 011 8815 366 

Certified mail

Special Commissioner
Finance and Administration
House Management
Technical Direction
Personnel and Legal Affairs
Procurement and Public Contracts
Prevention and Safety Service