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Subscriptions Tickets


Additional costs for purchase on line

The purchase on line of tickets and subscriptions provides for a cost for booking fees. In addition for purchases on Vivaticket site, an additional commission fee is applied.
In case of cancellation of the the show, booking and commission fees are not refundable.

Vouchers use

For tickets and subscriptions purchase it is possible to use vouchers received as a refund for shows and concerts of Teatro Regio Season 2019-2020, cancelled because of Covid-19. Commission fees for on line tickets and cards purchase should be paid separately.

Cancellation of the show

In case of cancellation, tickets and subscription coupons will be refund, excluding any fees, upon request to be made exclusively within the following 7 days of the date of the cancelled show.
For tickets refund it is necessary, depending on purchase method: to write an e-mail to refund request (if purchased at the Box Office), or access on line to Vivaticket site (if purchased on line or at Vivaticket sale points).
Subscription coupons value is equal to the amount of the Subscription divided by the number of shows to which it entitles.

Request for date change

All Subscription to Season 2023-2024 holders can ask to the Box Office, compatibly with availability, for the Subscription coupon transfer on a different date from their Series.
The cost for this service is € 5. In case of assignement in a Sector with a lower price, neither the refund of the difference is provided, nor the difference is requested in case of assignement in a higher price Sector.
Changes can be requested not later than the week preceding the show date and not before the month preceding that date.

Loss of the Subscription coupon

If a Season 2023-2024 Subscription holder should come to the Theatre without the coupon for the show, he can ask for a copy of it at the Box Office. The cost for this service is € 5.

Non portability of Season Tickets coupons

Tickets are valid exclusively on the date for which are issued; if unused, they are not refundable or transferable to other dates.

Modifications to the programme

Teatro Regio Management reserves the right to make changes to the program that are necessary for technical or artistic reasons or for reasons of force majeure. Updates and any changes to the program, will be promptly published on the web site.

Use of reductions

Tickets and Subscriptions with a reduced price should be used only by those who are entitled: at the entrance an identity document which certifies the right to reduction may be required. In the absence of evidence, the full price of the ticket will be paid.


Teatro Regio Management reserves the right to make promotional offers during the Season.


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Access to Teatro Regio is facilitated by a route without obstacles with priority access. In the Teatro Regio's hall there is space for 6 wheelchairs, In the Piccolo Regio Puccini for 2 wheelchairs. For any necessary assistance, please ask the staff.


All operas at Teatro Regio have surtitles in italian and original language. Operas in italian language have surtitles in italian and english language.

Electronic equipment and cigarettes

During shows it is forbidden to take pictures and to make audio-video recordings; mobile phones must be turned off.
In all the rooms of the Theatre it is banned the use of electronic cigarettes.

Access to the hall

When the show has started, the entrance to the hall is allowed during the intermission only.