Notice for Subscribers to Concerts

All updating about the Coronavirus emergency

Concert Sergey Galaktionov | Orchestra TRT

Concert Gianandrea Noseda | Filarmonica TRT

Concert Stefano Montanari | Filarmonica TRT

Concert Wayne Marshall | Filarmonica TRT

Concert Ben Gernon | Orchestra TRT

All these symphonic concerts have been all cancelled.

On June 18, the last deadline to request vouchers for subscriptions including the first four concerts expired.

Until July 9 it is possible to request the voucher for Ben Gernon concert through the service:


The voucher will last 18 months and shall be spent for tickets and/or subscriptions for events produced by Teatro Regio — or by Filarmonica TRT for their concerts Season Tickets coupons — subject to availability of seats (guest performances are excluded).

NB: the original papers of the tickets (not the electronic tickets) shall be retained and handed to the Box Office when the relevant voucher will be used.

Give your ticket, support the Regio!

For shows and concerts that did not take place due to Coronavirus emergency, choose to give your ticket, join the campaign Give your ticket, support the Regio!


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