Teatro Regio Torino participates in #MuseumWeek 2020

Stage photo of I Lombardi alla prima crociata (ph Ramella&Giannese)

Teatro Regio Torino participates in MuseumWeek 2020, the first worldwide festival for cultural institutions on social media, from May 11 to May 17 proposing a different theme every day.

"The power of culture, art and the institutions that support them and their unique ability to bring us together. They allow us to create a bond, to give meaning to our lives, and to carry out strongest aspirations. They allow us to deepen our understanding of who we are and where we are going, and they are a foundation to our global society. Culture and art are what marks our humanity and we must cherish and celebrate them".

Supported by UNESCO and Europa Nostra.

May 17: #DreamsMW

Our Museum Week ends with the greatest desire: returning as soon as possible to the theatre and to the stage to restart chasing dreams together.

May 16: #TechnologyMW

The images of the scenic montage of our latest Tosca offer the opportunity to talk about the advanced technology of the structures that place the Teatro Regio in the vanguard internationally. The stage, one of the largest and most mechanized in Europe, makes it possible to accommodate stage sets of considerable complexity, even more than one at the same time.

May 15: #ClimateMW

The scenes photos of some of our productions remind us that the natural environment is the largest sacred community to which we belong. Abusing the Earth and its resources means poisoning ourselves.

May 14: #MuseumMomentsMW

In the shots of our beloved audience we meet the excitement of being in the theatre for the first time, the surprise for its daring architecture, the moment before the curtain rises. Our best moments are yours too.

May 13: #TogetherMW

At the Regio, theatre takes place off the stage too. Through shows, artistic workshops and interdisciplinary itineraries aimed at schools, families and enthusiasts of all ages. Looking for a participatory theatre really intended for everyone.


Theatre doesn't have an individual dimension, it is a place of community and sharing. Behind the scenes, in the theatre hall, on the stage, you can see and listen, laugh and suffer, grow up and communicate together. A show can't exist without its audience.

May 12: #CultureInQuarantineMW

In quarantine times, we invited our audience to show their affection by playing with #LOperaTiSomiglia. A new and fun way to keep the dialogue alive between the Regio and its spectators, even at home. Many have interpreted their favorite opera characters, from Carmen to Mimì, from Figaro to Otello. Have you recognized the most popular?

May 11: #HeroesMW

They have been on the front lines for months fighting an invisible enemy because of which we paid a very high price. They are the doctors, nurses and medical professionals who risk their lives every day to save others. To these heroes of our times we dedicate the Act IV crusaders’ and pilgrims’ chorus “O Signore, dal tetto natio” from I Lombardi alla prima crociata by Giuseppe Verdi, a prayer in the desert that collects the tears, nostalgia, and sufferings of a proud people, transforming pain into an occasion of rebirth.