The Tsar's Bride

ph Deka Mohamed Osman © Teatro Regio Torino
Opera & Ballet 2023

The Tsar's Bride | Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov

The unique beauty of a pure and benevolent maiden unleashes devastating passions that lead to madness and annihilation. Rimsky-Korsakov's vigorous score, full of dark hues and Russian folk themes, is entrusted to Valentin Uryupin, an award-winning Slavic music performer and winner of the "Sir Georg Solti" International Conductors' Competition in Frankfurt.

Unstaged version

Premiere in Turin

Valentin Uryupin conductor
Andrea Secchi chorus master
Orchestra and Chorus Teatro Regio Torino

Opera in four acts

Original Russian language edition

Music by Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov
Libretto by Il'ja Tjumenev
based on from the homonymous drama by Lev Mej
World première:
Moscow, Teatro Solodovnikov,
Overtitles in italian/english
indicative duration

Characters and cast

Marfa Soprano

Nadine Koutcher

Alexander Roslavets
Vasilij Stepanovič Sobakin Bass

Alexander Roslavets

Elchin Azizov
Grigorij Grigor'evič Grjaznoj Baritone

Elchin Azizov

Sergey Radchenko
Il boiardo Ivan Sergeevič Lykov Tenor

Sergey Radchenko

Ljubaša Mezzo-soprano

Ksenia Chubunova

Elisej Bomelij Tenor

Thomas Cilluffo

Domna Ivanovna Saburova Soprano

Irina Bogdanova


Opera & Ballet
The Tsar's Bride | Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov
2023-04-26 20:00:00 Europe/Rome The Tsar's Bride | Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov di | Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov Teatro Regio di Torino Teatro Regio di Torino

Opera & Ballet
The Tsar's Bride | Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov
2023-04-28 20:00:00 Europe/Rome The Tsar's Bride | Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov di | Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov Teatro Regio di Torino Teatro Regio di Torino



The Feast
The Oprichnik Gryaznoi loves Marfa, daughter of the merchant Sobakin, even though Gryaznoi already has a mistress, Lyubasha, whom he has neglected of late. Marfa is already beloved of the boyar Lykov. In a jealous rage against Lykov, Gryaznoi arranges to cast a spell on Marfa with a magic potion from Bomelius, the Tsar's physician. Lyubasha has overheard Gryaznoi's request.


The Love Philtre
Lyubasha in turn obtains from Bomelius another magic potion with which to cancel any feelings of Gryaznoi for Marfa. Bomelius consents, but at the price of an assignation with Lyubasha for himself.


The Best Man
In the meantime, the Tsar of the title, Ivan IV (known as "Ivan the Terrible"), is looking for a new bride from the best aristocratic maidens in Russia, through the newly adopted custom of bride-show. The Tsar settles upon Marfa. At the celebration of the engagement of Marfa to Lykov, everyone is surprised when the news arrives of the Tsar's choice of Marfa as his bride. Gryaznoi had slipped what he thought was the love potion from Bomelius into Marfa's drink at the feast.


The Bride
At the Tsar's palace, Marfa has become violently ill. Lykov has been executed, at the instigation of Gryaznoi, on charges of attempting to kill Marfa. When Marfa learns that Lykov is dead, she goes insane. Eventually, Gryaznoi admits that he had slipped a potion into her drink, and after learning that it was poisonous, asks that he himself be executed. Lyubasha then confesses that she had substituted her potion from Bomelius for Gryaznoi's. In a rage, Gryaznoi murders Lyubasha, and is then taken to prison eventually to be executed. In her madness, Marfa mistakes Gryaznoi for Lykov, inviting him to return the next day to visit her, then dies.

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