Give your ticket, support the Regio

For shows and concerts that did not take place due to Coronavirus emergency, we give you the opportunity to ask for a voucher or to give your ticket (or rate of Season Ticket). 

If you can, please give your ticket, support the Teatro Regio: this is an important act which may be fundamental for the future of the Theatre.

We thank who already did it and who keeps on sharing this initiative: it is a powerful recirculation of energy, a proof of affection and shared closeness that encourages us to face next challenges with an even more passionate determination.

As a sign of gratitude, we will include all those who will choose to become our supporters in this delicate situation in a new Register, which will be published on printed materials, on the web site and on Regio's social media.

All these names will tell how big is the heart of those who care about Teatro Regio.

I wish to give my ticket