Concerts 2018-2019

Concerts | 27 October 2018

Pinchas Steinberg

A festive overture opens the Concerts season, on the podium one of the best baton of our age.
Concerts | 5 November 2018

Karl-Heinz Steffens

“From France with fascination”: a full-immersion in the musical Impressionism
Concerts | 17 November 2018

Ezio Bosso

The charisma of a great contemporary artist, the symbol of the power of music with his life and work
Concerts | 17 December 2018

Felix Mildenberger

A Christmas concert in two parts: music from the North, angelic voices and unrestrained rhythms
Concerts | 14 January 2019

Valentino Corvino

The Swingles, the famous vocal ensemble that, for over half a century, has been reinventing the great classics, encounter the Filarmonica TRT
Concerts | 30 January 2019

Daniele Gatti

An ideal playlist of opera pieces by Verdi with one of the most famous Italian conductors in the world.
Concerts | 20 February 2019

Michele Mariotti

Two pieces of the late 1800s: the sober, intense beauty of a French Requiem and the pathos full of Russian folklore
Concerts | 4 March 2019

Timothy Brock

Comedy, emotion and poetry in a masterpiece of silent film
Concerts | 18 April 2019

Roland Böer

A blockbuster long before cinema. Mendelssohn’s sacred masterpiece, Elijah, is dedicated to one of the greatest biblical prophets. The great Romantic composer, from a Jewish family that converted to Lutheranism, confronts the narration with great meaningfulness and spiritual awareness.
Concerts | 6 May 2019

Gianandrea Noseda

How does the listening experience change if we don’t know beforehand what music is being performed?
Concerts | 12 May 2019

Sergey Galaktionov

Mozart and Šostakovič: two sides of the same coin
Concerts | 1 June 2019

Vladimir Ashkenazy

A magical nocturne, a delicate pastoral love story and a russian storm