Regio on the road 2020-2021

All the programmes offered by the Regio chamber ensembles

Since 1998 the initiative Regio on the Road (Il Regio itinerante) has produced a vast number of concerts, most of them free, spread out all over the area of Piemonte, from the chief towns to the most remote hill and mountain areas, in theatres, churches, castles and concert halls.

Performed by many different groups – composed of orchestra players, chorus members and musical assistants of the Teatro Regio - they range from quartets to larger ensembles and include all the instrumental families (winds, brass, strings and percussion) besides choral ensembles and mixed groups.

The repertoire includes compositions from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods to contemporary music, with excursions into jazz, pop, songs by singer-songwriters and music for film. The increase in proposals has been made possible by the growing interest of the public and the increased demand by organizations and associations that want to host the concerts.