The Teatro Regio for Companies

We share values and promote excellence to strengthen the identity of your Company

Members, Partners and Sponsors are fundamental for the Regio, a theatre whose mission is to produce excellence and keep alive and relevant the tradition of opera. Associating one’s brand with the Regio means sharing these values in a crucial sector of made in Italy, sharing the passion and commitment  for art and culture, for Italian tradition and innovation.

Our partners help us each year to create unique emotions. Becoming a partner of the Teatro Regio, success stories like the following are also sustained:

  • The creativity of artists and collaborators
  • The production of new sets and props
  • The desire to share the emotion of great music, both with our devoted public and with new audiences
  • The training of new talent

Together with the Teatro Regio, companies can promote their own brands, strengthen their relations in Italy and abroad, develop their social responsibility and improve internal relations.

Keep a great tradition alive and contribute to the development of the community

The importance of your Company and the Regio together. Discover the best formula for you!

An exclusive building full of elegant rooms available for your special events

Promotion and spaces dedicated to advertising

Calls for bids, manifestations of interest and information for suppliers and clients