Information for the disabled

Information for the disabled

External and internal passageways are clearly marked with conventional symbols. In the parking area facing the Theatre there is one parking space reserved for the disabled.

Teatro Regio

Access to the Theatre  does not present architectural barriers for wheelchair users: from the porticos of Piazza Castello through Piazzetta Mollino, with a clearly marked route and without obstacles, the entrance Foyer can be reached and, from here, the lifts inside.

On the second floor, by way of a straight and level passage, it is possible to reach the main auditorium directly; here, at the level of row 28, there are spaces for 4 wheelchairs.

Toilets with special facilities for the disabled are positioned on the second floor, between the Foyer del Toro and the Sala del Caminetto.

Also on the second floor, opposite the Sala Caminetto, on the side of Via Verdi, there is an area called "Zona di sicurezza statica", tantamount to a waiting area of maximum security in case of emergency and rapid evacuation of the Theatre.

For anyone needing accompaniment or assistance, indications for reserved spaces or any other information, please speak to the Auditorium management or Theatre personnel.

Piccolo Regio Puccini

Access to the auditorium of Piccolo Regio, located below street level, entails extra procedures, supervised and  assisted by Theatre personnel.

An electric chair lift is used for wheelchair access, and a request for its use must be made in advance to auditorium personnel.

Persons with special difficulty in walking can request assistance from auditorium personnel for the use of the lift.

There are places in the Piccolo Regio auditorium for the positioning of 2 wheelchairs.
Also in the Piccolo Regio, by way of a straight and level passage, it is possible to reach the reserved, specially equipped toilets.