La mia scena è un bosco

Tales and encounters on a summer’s night by Emanuele Luzzati

Compagnia Teatro della Tosse
Giovine Orchestra Genovese

Direction by Tonino Conte
Revived by Claudio Orlandini
Sets and costumes by Emanuele Luzzati
Sets by Paola Ratto
Costumes by Bruno Cereseto
Transcription and musical direction Pietro Borgonovo

Pulcinella Alberto Bergamini
Father Ubu Enrico Campanati
Pinocchio Pietro Fabbri
The donkey Paolo Maria Pilosio
The cat Michela Rapetta
The Night's Queen Veronica Rocca

Company and staging
Teatro della Tosse of Genoa

With the collaboration of the Giovine Orchestra Genoves
Fabio Bagnoli, Romy Fernandez Berenguer oboes
Eleonora De Lapi, Giulia Magnanego clarinets
Jacopo Gabutto, Lorenzo Mastropaolo bassoon
Enrico Bellati, Martina Repetto horns

Tales and encounters on a summer’s night by Emanuele Luzzati inspire this show of words and music of the Compagnia Teatro della Tosse, for the direction of Tonino Conte revived da Claudio Orlandini with the musicians of the Giovine Orchestra Genovese conducted by Pietro Borgonovo.

On stage the fantastic world of Luzzati, where in the place of trees there are old pieces of furniture, chairs, piled up cupboards, overturned cars, and where characters from Shakespeare and opera encounter each other. Papageno emerges from a cupboard; Puck, the Snake Woman, Caliban, the Blue Monster and many others come out from below the desks, and when Tamino plays the magic flute, animals from the woods come out of the prompt box…

It all contributes to creating that logical disorder, at the border between reality and dreams, that makes Luzzati a maestro of magic. The music is a collage of composers and pieces associated with the famous stage designer, and even the director uses quotes continuously, taking enjoyment from manipulating and reinventing the characters.

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