Travelling Regio

Since 1998 The Travelling Regio initiative has produced more than 500 concerts, most of them free, realised in all areas of the region, from the chief towns to the most remote areas in the hills and mountains, in theatres, churches, castles and auditoriums.

The groups vary from three to ten players and include all the instrumental families (woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion) in addition to choral and mixed ensembles. The repertoire comprises compositions ranging from the Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic and Classical periods up to the present day, with excursions in jazz , pop and film music. The increase in the number of proposals has been made possible by the growing interest of the public, the constant support of institutions that sponsor the events and the increased request by organisations and associations intending to host the concerts. The widespread presence of the Teatro Regio around the region is supported by a large contribution from the Piedmont Region.