Testa - Fresu Duo

Gianmaria Testa - Paolo Fresu Duo

Gianmaria Testa, guitar and voice
Paolo Fresu, trumpet and flugelhorn


An unprecedented duo with a singer-poet who writes “nude songs”, reduced to their essential lines of melody, harmony and text, his true strong point, and a musician who manages to “sing” with his instrument and knows well the value and importance of words. An intimate and intense duo, full of atmosphere but also surprises. Trumpet, guitar, voice, some electronics, and nothing else. At the roots are, each time, the songs of Testa, which, with the presence and improvisation of Fresu, take on new forms. On the programme are also the beautiful songs of Gianmaria’s latest album, Da questa parte del mare, which won the Tenco award as the best recording of 2007.

Before the music

Teatro Regio - Monday 28 January, 19.45

Get together with Gabriele Ferraris

An appointment with the brilliant journalist Gabriele Ferraris, one of the leading writers for La Stampa and keen connoisseur of the music of singer-songwriters.

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  1. Lunedì 28 Gennaio 2008 - 20.30