Tickets Price 

  Yellow category
Series A
Green category
Series B-C-D-F
Blue category
Series M-R-S-Z
Red category
Series P-Q
Sector A € 170 € 95 € 90 € 60
Sector B € 135 € 80 € 75 € 55
Sector C € 120 € 75 € 70 € 50
Sector D € 100 € 70 € 65 € 45
Sector E € 70 € 60 € 55 € 40
€ 55 € 29 € 29 € 29

Seats with reduced view: side seating in the boxes and stalls area with partial view of the scene.


Sales calendar

Tickets for any single performance can be bought according to following schedule:

How to buy

Tickets for single performances of the Season can be purchased at the Theatre Box Office or at points of sale of participating agencies, on line (details will be available in a few weeks) and by telephone using a credit card.

Booking for groups

Booking is reserved exclusively for clubs, associations and agencies that request at least 25 tickets, with an obligatory minimum purchase of 20 seats and they can be made by e-mail or by fax at number 011.8815.601, according to the following schedule:

Non portability of Season Tickets coupons

Tickets are valid exclusively for the date for which are issued; if unused, they are not refundable or transferable to other dates.

Rules for payment

Payment at the Theatre Box Office can be made in cash, by bancomat, check or credit card (American Express - Cartasì - Eurocard - Visa - Mastercard).

According to Law 208/2015, Teatro Regio cannot accept payments by cash for amounts over € 2.999. No limit for payments with bank cheques, bank drafts, bank transfers, credit, debit or prepaid cards. For payments with cashier's or bank cheques and bank transfers of € 3.600, D.L. 78/2010 impose to ask for personal data (or company name) and for tax code (or VAT) to natural people (or legal people) who make the payment.