Aperitif Concerts

After numerous appearances in the role of protagonists around the region, under the aegis of Travelling Regio and Piemonte in Musica, the chamber music groups of Regio also make a stop in Torino, and they do it at an unusual day and time, which we are sure will become a pleasant habit.

Getting together on Sunday morning, perhaps with the whole family, and spending an hour listening to tango, smiling nostalgically with the songs of the E.I.A.R., being carried away by the jazz atmosphere of Duke Ellington or letting yourself be transported by a musical journey which can each time lead from Haydn to the Beatles, from Bach to Gershwin is a way to share the pleasure of an hour of music, to hear famous pieces together with others, and to chat, after the concert, sipping an aperitif. Take a break and come drink a toast with us – we’re waiting for you!