Rehearsal halls and service areas

On the subterranean floors of the Theatre there are rooms of dimensions that are unthinkable for anyone who has never seen them. They are used as rehearsal halls, and include the dance studio, the directing studio and the twenty practice rooms; there are also storerooms and workshops (for costumes, make up and wigs). Obviously, there are also dressing rooms, located under the artists’ entrance, and technological services such as the heating plant, the ventilation plant and the fire protection water tank, etc.

Chorus and orchestra rehearsal halls

The orchestra rehearsal hall with sound-absorbing panelsThe chorus rehearsal hall and orchestra rehearsal hall are two identical rooms, situated, since 1992, behind the fly tower, where the sets workshop was once located. Sound-proofed and positioned on an inclined plane, they were originally on the subterranean floors, under the auditorium. Instead, the 20 practice rooms, small sound-proofed rooms with pianos, are underground, at about 7 metres in depth.

Directing studio

The directing studio, with lifts to simulate scenes with inclined planes or on different levels The directing studio is where staging rehearsals are held when the stage is unavailable. It is on the third floor underground (at a depth of -9,80 m) and extends over an area of 240 sq m. The studio is equipped with 16 mobile platforms which can be adjusted to different heights (maximum height 2 metres) to simulate the different levels of the stage lifts.

Dance studio

The dance studio, covered with a dance carpet in PVCThe dance studio, located in the basement, makes use of an area of 180 sq m ( 15 x 12 metres) and its walls are completely covered with mirrors. The floor is covered with a dance carpet in PVC. It is equipped with a pianoforte, a stereo system and a video recorder.

Dressing rooms

The preparation of a character in the make-up roomThese are 22 rooms where the artistis get ready, located in an area under the stage. Nearby is the orchestra room, where orchestra members prepare before going into the pit, and obviously, the make-up room. Besides the twenty-two dressing rooms situated under the stage, there is one on stage dressing room near the central stage.

Costume workshop

A view of the costume workshop with its spools, sewing machines and clothes standsThe costume workshop, located on the second subterranean floor, is where stage costumes are prepared according to the needs of the artists appearing at the Regio. Contributing to the creation of the characters are also the make up room, the shoe workshop and the wig workshop. The work of the workshop staff is not limited to the work of preparation: their presence is also essential during performances to dress the artists, realise quick changes and for any emergencies.

Sets workshop

The painting of backdrops in the Regio sets workshop (“Don Giovanni” by Mozart, stage direction by Michele Placido, sets by Maurizio Balò)The construction of the sets for new stagings of Teatro Regio are carried out in the sets workshop, until 1984 located inside the Theatre, and since then transferred to Strada Settimo. The present location has permitted a considerable increase in the space destined for the construction and storing of sets produced by the Regio.

Technological services

The heating plantThe numerous technological services of the Theatre – situated at more than 12 metres below ground – comprise the heating and air conditioning systems, the data centre, the lift area and the emergency services.

Heating plant

The heating plant is composed of three water boilers, a steam boiler for the use of the stage (the vapour serves to settle the dust that is present after scene changes) and another steam boiler to humidify the air.

Ventilation systems

These two systems are made up of various units to treat the air, which can then be conveyed to the different areas of the building.

Lift area

Under the stage, there exists a large space dedicated to the movement of the lifts; the motors are situated at a level of – 12. 50 m.

Fire protection water tank

This is located on the fourth subterranean floor and is part of the complex fire protection system.
Batteries and generator for the emergency lights
Emergency lights are guaranteed by three independent emergency light battery systems.

Data centre

The control panel of the systems, at one time constituted by an imposing machine, so large as to occupy an entireroom, is today substituted by a computer able to meet all requirements.