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Telephone sale by credit card

Teatro Regio

Tel. 011.8815.270
Opening hour: from Monday to Friday 9-12 am

This service is suspended on Modays 15, 22 and 29 May 2017


Information about remote sale

It is possible to buy tickets for Teatro Regio performances online and by phone with credit card.

The transaction on line, by phone with credit card and sale points with an agreement with Vivaticket, involves a commission of € 2,20 each ticket for the Opera & Ballet Season, and € 1,50 for Concerts. In case of cancellation of the show, the commission is not refundable.

Tickets bought on line and printed on their own, are tickets to all intents and should be showed to ticket-collectors for validation.

Tickets bought by phone with credit card or on line (not printed on their own), should be collected at the Information Desk, in the Theatre's foyer, starting from 30 minutes before the show begins.