Concert Mozart - Beethoven


Winds Octet Regio Concentus of the Teatro Regio

Luigi Finetto oboe
Alessandro Cammilli oboe
Alessandro Dorella clarinet
Edmondo Tedesco clarinet
Fabrizio Dindo horn
Pierluigi Filagna horn
Andrea Azzi bassoon
Orazio Lodin bassoon


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ouverture from The Marriage of Figaro
Original transcription for winds octet by Johann Nepomuk Wendt

Serenade n. 12 in C minor K. 388

Ludwig van Beethoven
Octet in E flat major op. 103

in collaboration with Fondazione Accorsi

Event within the Exibition Gold and Silk (15 September 2010 - 29 May 2011), a meeting between two collections: the most beautiful costumes of the Teatro Regio among the precious furniture of Accorsi Museum.


Fondazione Accorsi

  1. Giovedì 16 Settembre 2010 - 16.00