The hall of the Teatro Regio, as it appeared in the drawings by Bendetto Alfieri and as it apperas nowadays

Within this section, you can get to know the history and the characteristics of the Teatro Regio through two different paths: Regio in History, dedicated to the long history of the Regio that began with its construction in 1740; and Backstage at the Regio, which allows those who have never been to the Teatro to become familiar with its distinctive architecture and discover its innermost twists and turns, even those not visible to the public. To take an online tour, you can make use of the Guided Tours.

Additional detailed information about the history of the Regio – and about the great body of literature that provides evidence of its course – can be requested at the Historical Archive of the Teatro, while in the Technical characteristics there is a concise description of the technical specifications of the most important parts of the Teatro Regio and the Piccolo Regio “Giacomo Puccini”.