Amici del Regio

The Teatro Regio is one of the highlights of the international cultural scene and the nucleus of Turin’s cultural ambitions.

This is demonstrated by the recent successes of its international tours Europe, China and Japan; the momentous productions eternalised by the Italian broadcaster, RAI, on popular DVDs and the many co-productions performed with high-level Italian and European theatres.

All of this has translated into great public success, an ever-growing number of subscriptions (14,000 to date), and an audience of over 250,000 people a year. Furthermore, there has been a growing interest from the Italian and international media in the theatre.

Beyond artistic prestige, the Teatro Regio is well-known for its sound management of resources, which is always important but particularly so nowadays, and it is now also the most productive theatre in Italy.

All this of course requires support from those people who feel particularly close to the Teatro Regio, and it is for this reason that, in 2012, we have decided to set up a group of friends that will contribute to the work of the theatre by relaunching the “Amici del Regio” association. Its objective is to join forces with and support the Regio through the financing of specific projects.

Members, besides playing an active part in the Theatre life, will have some benefits: