General Manager

Walter Vergnano

Walter Vergnano, General ManagerWalter Vergnano was called by Giorgio Balmas in 1972 to collaborate at Unione Musicale. Three years later he became the director when Balmas was nominated Councilor for Culture of Turin, and he held the office of President until 1999.

In 1987 he was chosen to be Vice President of AIAC/AGIS, the national association that brings together and represents Italian concert associations and festivals, and in 1992 AIAC elected him as its official representative within the Central Music Commission (at the then Ministry of Tourism and Performing Arts), confirming him in office through 1996, when the Commission ceased its activities.

In 1993 Walter Vergnano took up the position of Vice President of CIDIM (the Italian music committee of UNESCO), with authorization for institutional activities, and a year later he was named Director of Teatro Regio by the city of Turin. In 1995 he was elected member of the Financial Commission of the International Music Council of UNESCO.

The mayor of Turin confirmed him as General Manager of Teatro Regio in 1996, and in the same period he became a member of the Board of Directors of the European Music Council. A year later he was re-elected Vice President of AIAC and named an active member of the National Entertainment Council.

In 1998, Walter Vergnano joined the Music Coordination Committee of AGIS as Vice President. In the same year, he was named Director of the Teatro Regio Foundation on behalf of the government. Since March 1999 he has been General Manager of the Teatro Regio Foundation of Turin.

Vergnano was re-elected Vice President of AGIS and elected President of its Music Coordination Committee in 2000. Two years later he took up the position, reconfirmed in 2005 and 2007, renewed in 2013, of President of the National Association of Opera-Symphony Foundations (ANFOLS); in the same year his mandate as General Manager of the Teatro Regio Foundation was renewed. He also became a professor at the University of Turin.

In 2006, Walter Vergnano was re-elected Vice President of AGIS and General Manager of Teatro Regio, a position confirmed in 2010 and again in October 2014. In 2013 he was appointed member of the Opera Europa Board of Directors.