Artistic departments


The Orchestra Teatro Regio Torino descends from an ensemble founded at the end of the 19th century by Arturo Toscanini, who was its permanent conductor and artistic director. Since 1967, it has been the permanent orchestra of Teatro Regio Torino, engaged in the entire Opera and Ballet Season. From 2007 to 2018 Gianandrea Noseda occupied the position of Music Director of the Teatro Regio.

Besides, in 2003 members of the Orchestra established the Filarmonica Teatro Regio Torino.

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Founded at the end of the 19th century and re-established in 1945 after the Second World War, the Chorus Teatro Regio Torino is one of the most important opera choruses in Europe. It has been directed by Bruno Casoni, Claudio Marino Moretti and Roberto Gabbiani; in November 2010 the position of Chorus master was assigned to Claudio Fenoglio, who passed his baton to Andrea Secchi in February 2018.

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Children’s Chorus

The Children’s chorus of the Teatro Regio and the "Giuseppe Verdi" Conservatory of Torino came into being at the end of 1997 as a result of the collaboration of these two institutions. Since then and until 2008 it had been directed by Maestro Claudio Marino Moretti, who was followed by Maestro Claudio Fenoglio.

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Music collaborators

The music collaborators carry out various functions in opera productions, from accompanying blocking and staging rehearsals at the piano (rehearsal accompanists and coaches) to cueing entrances in performances (stage collaborators), from prompting the text (prompters or repetiteurs) to  cueing lighting changes (lighting collaborators).

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