Ballet Nacional de España

Teatro Regio, Wednesday 5 November 2008 - Sunday 9 November 2008


Stage photo

The most exciting Spanish soul blazes with all its flamenco fire in this double programme of the Ballet Nacional de España, the national company that for thirty years has been disseminating  Iberian dance and musical culture under the leadership of such prominent personalities as Antonio Gades, the first to guide it in its destiny, Antonio Ruiz Soler, María de Ávila, and the current director José Antonio, the first time from 1986 to 1992 and now since 2004.
The lead dancer of the same Ballet Nacional de España since 1978, the year of its foundation, creator for Carla Fracci (La Gitana), the Kirov Ballet (Goya Divertissement), Julio Bocca and the Ballet Argentino (Versus Vitae), the choreographies of this programmed diptych are his, and include Elegía, an homage to Antonio Ruiz Soler (1921-1996), the great international figure who, together with Rosario (Florencia Pérez Padilla, 1918- 2000), student of Macarrona and Ángel Pericet Carmona Jiménez of the family of historic heirs to the refined escuela bolera, the classical Spanish dance, presented flamenco in the USA from 1937 to 1949, where it had a great success.
Antonio was also a guest dancer at the Teatro alla Scala in the Three-cornered Hat by Massine-De Falla (1952-1953) and established himself above all as virtuoso of the martinete (song and dance of the blacksmith), as can be seen in the cult-film Misterio y Duende del Flamenco (1952).

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