Opera Dinner

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Opera Dinner in the Foyer del Toro

During the intermission of the evening performances of the Opera and Ballet Season, it is possible to dine in a specific area in the Foyer del Toro by purchasing the Opera Dinner, which includes a gourmet dinner with:

  • a first course
  • a second course with a side dish
  • a glass of wine (or another beverage)
  • dessert
  • coffee

Discover the menu for Il matrimonio segreto and Violanta

Risotto with beetroot and Castelmagno cheese

Lamb chops breaded with crushed pistachios, served with a wild berry sauce

Chocolate Bavarian Cream

Selected wines
Natural or carbonated mineral water
Juices and soft drinks

Espresso coffee

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The service costs € 20 and is guaranteed during evening performances which include at least one intermission.

Reservations are recommended, which can be made by phone or through this form:


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