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Teatro Regio, Tuesday 5 December 2017 - Sunday 10 December 2017

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A classic Christmas for infants and grown-ups in a fairytale setting created by Amedeo Amodio and Emanuele Luzzati, with music of Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij

Teatro Regio, Tuesday 5th December 2017


On Tuesday, 5th December, the Regio presents The Nutcracker by Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij, the best Yuletide ballet, with choreography and direction by Amedeo Amodio, scenes and costumes by Emanuele Luzzati with soloists from the Daniele Cipriani Entertainment Dance Academy, and the first ballet dancers from the New York City Ballet. The Orchestra of the Teatro Regio, alongside the Chorus of White Voices of the Teatro Regio and the Conservatory “G. Verdi”, is directed by Alessandro Ferrari.

This production is supported by Iren, Founder of Teatro Regio. «The support to this important production - said Paolo Peveraro, the President of Iren - is another sign of the attention that our company has always devoted to the world of culture and in particular to the theatrical productions in the territories where IREN operates. This ballet, a Christmas classic, is in theme with the series of Christmas events that will take place in our city in the following days, and Iren’s contribution to its realization is part of the celebration for the 110th anniversary of AEM’s birth».

The plot of the ballet is based on the story of The Nutcracker and Mouse King by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann (1816), made an inescapable cult by Čajkovski who created the prodigious score with choreography by Marius Petipa, which debuted on 18th December 1892 at the Mariinskij Theatre in St. Petersburg. Since then, there have been countless versions including those for the big screen. In truth, every choreographer has been seduced by it. At the Regio, from 5th to 10th December, we will see the most beautiful Italian Nutcracker, one of the most enchanting and precious testimonies of the history of Italian dance of the late 1900s. A show created in 1989 by Amedeo Amodio for Aterballetto who was then, its director. Together, with the precious collaboration of Emanuele Luzzati, who put his vision in service of scenes and costumes, based on his experience of the Balinese shadow and street theatre, and with the collaboration of the Teatro Gioco Vita and the addition of the extraordinary narrator voice by Gabriella Bartolomei. Daniele Cipriani is credited with bringing this production back to life by acquiring the rights of Ater “because we could not simply forget in storage such an important piece of the Italian repertory.”

«I wanted to remain as faithful as possible to Hoffmann's original story – says Amodio – the reality seen through the eyes of a little girl, Clara, who retains the sense of “magic reality”, the phantasy present in everyday life, where the boundaries between the world of imagination and everyday reality are so attenuated that sometimes we do not know what is real or not. Drosselmeier is the creator of the magic: he invents shadows, moves toys, gives birth to Clara's dreams, fears and desires. But he is also a defender of the imaginary world that too often adults are trying to annihilate. Clara observes adults with an amused eye, while a simple nutcracker comes to life and accompanies her on a fantastic journey that moves her away from the everyday world».

In an interview released at the time of the first staging, Emanuele Luzzati stated: «Like all the poets, Hoffmann writes to so many levels of reading [...] and even Čajkovskij's music is readable at so many levels. How do you read this famous ballet so that everyone can find the most stimulating aspects that fascinates them most? [...] We have been thrown into this wonderful game of phantasy and we hope that every person who sees this show, child or adult, simple or sophisticated, finds a bit of their own dream world whether it is joyous or scary or as we put it cheerful and controversial, happy and sad, at the same time. Something to enable us to go back home, at least for one night, a little richer». 

It is a story of this colorful fairy tale, on a Christmas night where the adventures of little Clara, among soldiers and mice, princes and fairies, are not the effect of a sort of revelation, but of the power of her infant imagination, capable of revealing the marvelous (within the scary) that lies in everyday life. In 1989, the two exceptional protagonists were Elisabetta Terabust and Vladimir Derevianko. Nowadays facing Arabic, Russian, Spanish and Chinese dances, tarantella, pas de deux and acrobatic sequences are Ashley Bouder and Taylor Stanley soloists from the New York City Ballet alongside a cast of 40 artists (37 dancers, 2 shadow theatre artists and a stilt walker).

The performance will be played on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Emanuele Luzzati's death. The Chorus of White Voices of the Teatro Regio and the Conservatory “G.Verdi” are led and directed by Master Claudio Fenoglio. The idea of the shadows is by the Teatro Gioco Vita, the realization of the shadows is by L'Asina sull'Isola. Lights are by Marco Policastro and the choreography assistant is Stefania Di Cosmo

The Nutcracker will be presented to the public on Wednesday, 29th November at 17:30 at the Piccolo Regio Puccini, in a conference entitled: Christmas at Čajkovskij’s house, or the nostalgia of childhood, by Silvia Poletti. Entry is free.

For the 18-year-olds wishing to use their Bonus Culture at Regio, the first ticket costs €25 and the second ticket €1. Tickets for sale at the Teatro Regio Ticket, Piazza Castello 215 - Tel. 011.8815.241 / 242, at Infopiemonte-Torinocultura, at the Vivaticket outlets, online at and by telephone at 011.8815.270. For more information, please call 011.8815.557 or go to our website and

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Torino, 14th November 2017

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