Teatro Regio, from Saturday 28 October 2007 to Monday 19 May 2008

Before the music

Chat with great musicians, talk about the relationship between music and images with a cinema expert or discuss today’s musical innovations with some of the most prestigious names in journalism. All this is possible in Torino thanks to the original idea of having an introductive get- together for all the season’s concerts, not meant as an historical or aesthetic reflection on music, but rather as an occasion for more informal conversation.

So at Regio you can get together with Gianandrea Noseda, Jan Latham-Koenig, Tomas Netopil and Mario Brunello before they go up on stage, or the president of the Film Commission Steve Della Casa when City Lights will be shown, or listen to Gabriele Ferraris talking about jazz and meet with other journalists like Nicola Gallino, on the occasion of the Carmina, and Marco Basso for the last appointment in jazz. A direct line of communication between the stage and the audience, a new opportunity to “listen to” music.

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