Conferences of the Regio


The conferences of the Regio represent a work of musical divulgation of the highest level, preparing generations of audiences visa vi contact with a succession of the most brilliant Italian musical critics, illustrious musicologists and celebrated international artists.

Thirty appointments dedicated to scheduled operas, editorial and discographical presentations, anniversaries, little-known operas and ballets and protagonists of the opera world.

In 2007 and 2008 important anniversaries will be celebrated, linked to such important composers as Ruggero Leoncavallo, Gaetano Braga and Luigi Mancinelli (remembered in the centenary of his opera Paolo and Francesca), orchestral conductors such as Carlo Pedrotti, Arturo Toscanini and – more recently – Herbert von Karajan, not to mention unforgettable singers of the past and present. A special remembrance is dedicated to Luciano Pavarotti.

This year will see the continuation of the collaboration with theCircolo dei Lettori, which will host all the appointments in via Bogino with the exception of the Incontri con l’Opera, which will be held at the Teatro Regio in the Foyer del Toro.

The Regio Conferences are organised by the
Training and Research Department of Teatro Regio
with the advice of Giorgio Gualerzi.
Many thanks to the Circolo dei lettori for its collaboration.