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Dear teachers,

A new scholastic year is beginning, and as is customary, La Scuola all’Opera [School at the Opera] invites children and youths to Teatro Regio to participate, together with their school-mates, in a new and varied series of initiatives that includes performances, workshops, didactic activities, guided tours and interdisciplinary programs, also in collaboration with other important cultural institutions of the city.

This season’s theme will be the most popular fairy-tale of all time, Cenerentola: an opera performance, a dance performance and six workshops will be dedicated to the heroine-icon of many cultures, the protagonist of unfair oppression followed by triumphal redemption.
Cenerentola, ovvero la magia del cuore is an adaptation of Rossini’s Cinderella, produced expressly by Teatro Regio for an audience of young people with the involvement, for the theatre project, of the Associazione Baretti, and for the performance, of the Laboratorio Ensemble, the Children’s Chorus of Teatro Regio and the ‘Giuseppe Verdi’ Conservatory of Torino and naturally the audience in the unusual but by now familiar role of accompanying chorus, all conducted by Carlo Pavese. Two workshops for children of the nursery and elementary schools will also be based on Rossini’s masterpiece: one on the educational and edifying lessons to be learnt from the characters and story, the other (in collaboration with the School and Children’s Book Museum) on the infinite versions through which the fairy-tale has evolved through the centuries and in different cultures. For adolescents, instead, there is the transposition of the fairy-tale in a format of dance and song entitled Il colore di Cenerentola by Tommaso Massimo Rotella and Alberto Cara, where the themes of diversity, hardship, the sense of inadequacy as one grows up, the difficulty of racial and cultural integration, the defence of the weak and possible ways to emerge from isolation are all addressed. In conjunction with the show, there will be a course of historical, artistic and anthropological study and a workshop in hip hop.

The importance of integration is linked to another popular current of School at the Opera: Peoples and their music, engaged this year, with the involvement of the Intercultural Centre in Corso Taranto, in two shows. The first is Ayi Na, an immersion (with its musical workshop) in the African Sub-Saharan world and its store of sounds of ritual and initiation, while Love will come later is a sort of overturned Romeo and Juliet created by Marco Alotto and Igor Sciavolino; directly involved in the field of interculturalism with musicians of different non-European origins, this time they grapple with a theme by now contemporary also in our world: that of arranged marriages.

La mia scena è un bosco.
Stories and encounters on a summer night by the Genoese artist Emanuele Luzzati, carries us into a world of fantasy. That great creator of images, he left indelible traces in our city, from the numerous set designs for Teatro Regio and Teatro Stabile to the collaboration with Einaudi Publishing House and the preparation, in 1997, of the Fairy-tale Crèche in Carlo Felice square. A workshop on set-designing for teenagers from 13 to 18 years old will describe the various painting and set design techniques used by the artist to “invent” his original language.

Three other shows complete the 2007-2008 playbill: Cronache animali, a pocket-opera by Nicola Campogrande on texts by Toti Scialoja, the ballet Pinocchio by Fabrizio Monteverde and finally Anna, freely inspired by The Diary of Anne Frank, produced by Teatro Regio for Remembrance Day, an event, by now institutional, to remember the victims of the Holocaust, with performances by students of the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory of Torino.

The main commitment of the School at the Opera and of all the collaborators who contribute their professionalism and talent will continue to be constituted by the didactic activities and workshops, beginning with Opera…ndo, which, with its four areas, makes the most of the interdisciplinary character of opera theatre with its concurrence of pictorial arts, music, drama and dance. Concurrence likewise exalted by projects realised with the collaboration, by now consolidated, of other civic institutions like the Fondazione Tancredi di Barolo – School and Children’s Book Museum, the National Cinema Museum, the Galleria Sabauda, the Fondazione Accorsi – Decorative Arts Museum, Palazzo Reale, the ‘Giuseppe Verdi’ Conservatory of Torino, and those created thanks to new partnerships recently initiated with the Civic Museum of Ancient Arts and Palazzo Madama and with the Mediaeval Village.

Guided tours and activities connected to the main playbill of the 2007-2008 season offer direct contact with the Theatre, and we cannot conclude this brief and incomplete panorama of proposals for the schools without renewing, again this year, with enthusiasm and passion, our most enthusiastic invitation: To the opera, children!

Vincenza Bellina
Head of School Activities
Filippo Fonsatti
Director, Training and Research Department


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