Walter Vergnano’s statement

I refrained on purpose from issuing statements after my resignation from the role of General Manager of Teatro Regio Torino on April 18th. I consider however fair, after the articles published in several newspapers in the last few days, to make some clarifications in order to preserve Teatro Regio’s image.
Regarding the May 2019 American tour, we worked hard on the project, entrusting to a fundraising company the sponsorship search to cover its cost. Unhappily, the necessary funds have not been found and in the US as well it was not possible to find further incomes. Teatro Regio had an agreement according to which the deadline for confirming the performances in New York, Chicago and Washington was April 30th 2018. I informed therefore yesterday our American contacts that Teatro Regio’s Board had decided with deepest regret, in accordance with the law, not to authorize a tour that does not have a break-even budget forecast. Unfortunately, the American theatres had already announced their 2018/2019 season.
I would moreover like to add that, in the late afternoon of April 26th, M° Noseda sent a statement to the newspapers declaring that he was not willing to continue his collaboration with Teatro Regio. A decision that I acknowledge and that has nothing to do with the Italian law nr. 367, which foresees that the Music Director ends its term along with the General Manager who appointed him.
I wish that Teatro Regio may find as soon as possible the serenity essential to carry on the great work achieved in the last years and recognized in Torino and all over the world.

Torino, April 27th 2018


Walter Vergnano