The Regio at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris with Macbeth by Verdi


The Regio at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris with Macbeth by Verdi
Gianandrea Noseda on the podium of the Orchestra and Chorus Teatro Regio Torino

Paris, Tuesday, 24th October 2017, at 19:30

Teatro Regio Torino continues to receive many invitations abroad, thanks to the unanimous success in the previous tours and the quality of the productions presented during its Opera Seasons. After the recent tours of Lugano, Geneva, Buenos Aires, Edinburgh, Gstaad and Muscat, it is now in Paris: this is the sixth time we have been invited to the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées. In this famous Parisian theatre we have already performed I Vespri siciliani (2011), Tosca (2012), Don Carlo (2013), a Rossini concert (2014) and Lucia di Lammermoor (2016); this year we present Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi in concert version. This appointment has the collaboration of SNCF, TGV for France.
Gianandrea Noseda, who continues his path deepening the Verdian repertory, says: «Macbeth is a visionary opera, a “noir ante litteram”. From a dramatic point of view it represents a remarkable progress compared to what Verdi had written until then. Macbeth is like a laboratory where Verdi experiences and innovate the way of understanding the theatre. The vocal writing is in line with the words, the ‘cantabili’ are almost incidental and inserted into an innovative context. What impresses me most, about this title, is the darkness, this disturbing tint that envelops the story and the spectator from beginning to end. Only the Wozzeck by Berg, could probably, reach such levels. The novelty of Verdi’s writing is the unpredictable narrative and the choice of orchestral colors is still astonishing today». The Regio performed Macbeth at the recent Edinburgh International Festival, winning the Angel Herald Award, awarded by critics of The Herald newspaper.
Noseda, on the podium of the Orchestra and Chorus Teatro Regio Torino, the latter masterfully led by Claudio Fenoglio, is flanked by a cast of exceptional soloists. The protagonist of the title is the baritone Dalibor Jenis, a recognized interpreter of Verdi's masterpieces. The soprano Anna Pirozzi interprets Lady Macbeth. Acclaimed among the greatest sopranos of the ‘belcanto’ repertoire but not only, Pirozzi made her Lady Macbeth an exemplary singing model alongside her strong theatrical gesture. The bass Marko Mimica plays Banco; he is an artist with a burnished and vigorous stamp, supporting the role by playing with great mastery the melodies created by Verdi for this character. The tenor Piero Pretti is Macduff, an artist with an international career, who has worked on all major stages: the Opéra de Paris, Vienna's Staatsoper, La Scala, among many others. Completing the cast: the soprano Alexandra Zabala (the Dame), the tenor Alejandro Escobar (Malcolm), the bass Enrico Bava (the doctor) and the baritones Giuseppe Capoferri (a servant and herald), Marco Sportelli (the hit man) and Lorenzo Battagion (First Apparition).
The concert will be recorded by Radio France and broadcast in delayed. The recording will also be available streaming on the Radio France website for a further 30 days after the broadcast.

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