The Nine Symphonies of Beethoven - Gianandrea Noseda Conducts

In ten days a double performance of the Symphonies with the Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro Regio. RegioLive a new experience at the start

Teatro Regio, 28 September – 6 October 2011

Before the opening of the 2011-12 Opera and Ballet Season – from 28 September to 6 October – the Teatro Regio will pay homage to Beethoven with the complete performance of the nine Symphonies conducted by maestro Gianandrea Noseda. The Orchestra and Chorus of the Regio will perform, in four double concerts, the most famous Symphonies in the history of music.

On the occasion of the performances of the Symphonies, RegioLive will begin. For the first time, via Wi-Fi connection, it will be possible to connect free of charge from the foyer of the Regio to our site, , to download (and save) the program notes and extra material such as the video-interview with Maestro Noseda, thus enriching one’s musical experience. Furthermore, suggestions and comments by Gianandrea Noseda accompanying the concert and highlighting moments of particular interest will be projected on the theatre proscenium, making for a modern listening guide in tweet format. RegioLive is realised thanks to the collaboration with the Department of Information Technology Services of the City of Turin.

The Nine Symphonies will be broadcast live at 8.30 pm by Rai-Radio 3 with Susanna Franchi hosting the programme: Wednesday 28 September; Saturday 1 October; Tuesday 4 October and Wednesday 5 October. Free download of the concerts will be available one day after the live broadcast at the sites of the Rai and Teatro Regio.

The inauguration is scheduled for Wednesday 28 September at 8.30 pm with the performance of the First and Third (Eroica) Symphonies (repeat performance Thursday 29 September) and will continue on Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October at 8.30 pm with the Second, Fourth and Fifth Symphonies;  these will be followed on Sunday 2 October at 5 pm and Tuesday 4 October at 8.30 pm with the Sixth (Pastoral) and Seventh Symphonies; concluding the series on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 October at 8.30 pm will be the Eighth and Ninth  Symphonies  (perhaps the most famous composition in the history of music, bearer of a universal message of fraternity and peace, and for this reason is included in the Unesco Memory of the World Register). In this ideal homage to Beethoven the staging of a new production of Fidelio is also included, with stage direction by Mario Martone and Maestro Noseda again conducting.

Six years after the extraordinary experience with the BBC Philharmonic, when more than a million and a half users down-loaded the nine Symphonies performed in Manchester, beating the McCartney-U2 duo at Live 8, Gianandrea Noseda once again tackles all the Symphonies. In connection with this enterprise, he states: «measuring oneself against Beethoven’s symphonic corpus in its entirety helps us to consider the nine Symphonies as one great symphony in nine movements. It’s an extraordinary journey, a great gamble, a considerable stimulus and trial for the Teatro Regio and its conductor. […] To get “victoriously” through a double set of the cycle of  Symphonies in ten days is proof of the remarkable level of quality that the orchestra has reached». Quality, professionalism and  the highest possible level of preparation for the artistic groups of the Regio, which have grown considerably under the determined, impassioned direction of maestro Noseda and are now recognised at the international level: just think of the numerous prestigious awards received in Japan and the excellent reviews from the last European tour.

An homage, then, to the immense, uncontainable greatness of Beethoven. A composer whose music is timeless, to be heard over and over again with respect and curiosity in order to savour each time a new taste, a nuance, that immediacy that goes straight to the heart. «This music proposes a set of values, an ideal, harmonious world that someone has managed to fix in solid, real forms, which are there, present and tangible, and which we continue to pursue in their virgin distance in order to bring to our lives those values that have disappeared but that nevertheless we feel more and more in need of» (Giorgio Pestelli).

Tickets for individual concerts are on sale at the Box Office of the Teatro Regio: full-price tickets from 27 to 35 euros, under 30 from 22 to 28 euros and the special under 20 of 10 euros.

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Torino, 26 September 2011