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This form represents the tool to forward your requests to the Historical Archive of the Theatre. The applicant is invited to fill the form throroughly, for the staff of the Archive could best identify any document you are asking for. In fact, the Historical Archive is not open to the public and the requests have to be examined in advance by the staff of the Theatre, which, if necessary, will take contact or arrange an appointment with the applicant.

The deliver of copies of the documents is submitted to the payment of the costs we will estimate and propose to the applicant before proceeding, according to the following  price list:

photocopy on site (up to no. 10, each) € 0,50
photocopy on site (over no. 11, each) € 0,25
digital copy up to A4 € 3,00
digital copy up to A3 € 5,00
digital copy over A3 to be evaluated

The issue of the Archive documentation copy can be subject to restrictions.



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Please explain the purpose of the research, eventually specifying the University and the Degree Course, the publisher and the title of the publication or the periodical, etc.

If your research has school/university purpose, please specify your reference teacher.

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