Historical Archive

Bernardino Galliari's draft for the curtain of the Teatro Regio (1756)

A door between past and future

Established in 1973 with the inauguration of Teatro Regio on the original Guglielmo Berutto Fund, the Historical Archives of Teatro Regio document, preserve and hand down the glorious history of music in Piedmont and at Teatro Regio, beginning with the origins of the Savoy Court theatres, from the middle of the seventeenth century onwards. Fundamental materials of the Archives are the original plates by Benedetto Alfieri for the construction of the Teatro Regio, sketches by Bernardino Galliari for the curtains, the Francesco Tamagno Funds, more than three thousand opera and ballet libretti from 1700 to the present, prints, letters, photographs, paintings, mementos, costumes, scores, biographical files, chronologies and various documents for a total of more than thirty thousand items.

The Historical Archives are joined to the Photographic, Audio-video and Set Building Archives, while the Foyer of Historical Archives at Piccolo Regio Puccini displays examples of the patrimony of documents of Teatro Regio.

Over the years the collection has been enlarged with donations and acquisitions, the purchase of the Tamagno Funds being among the most important of these. The Archives also include a collection of libretti and material documenting the activity of Teatro Regio from just after the second world war to the present: programs, invitations, posters, playbills and other printed matter, historical costumes, sketches, photographs and audio and video recordings.

The material relating to the first two hundred years of the Regio is instead preserved at the Archivio di Stato and the Archivio Storico della Città: thanks to the transfer of the Theatre Archives to the Archivio Storico at the Palazzo di Città around the end of the 1800s, contracts and account books, notes and minutes of meetings of the Società dei Cavalieri were saved from the fire that destroyed the Theatre on the night between 8 and 9 February 1936.

The Historical Archive of Teatro Regio is at the disposal of scholars, researchers and students, by filling out the specific request form.


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