Tamagno at the Borgo

The Compagnia di San Paolo supports Teatro Regio for the acquisition of the Tamagno Fund

Some of the costumes belonged to Tamagno in the exposition at the Rocca del Borgo Medievale, photo by Ramella&GianneseThe relationship of the Compagnia di San Paolo with Teatro Regio, of which it is a Founding Member, has been enriched with the intervention for the integration of the important Tamagno Fund, aimed at enhancing an artistic personality of absolute excellence, and, through its connections with Torino, contributing to the promotion of the city, with reference to arts and culture, music and dance, theatre, cinema and photography, archives and libraries, literature, history and philosophy. These themes constitute the perimeter within which the Compagnia develops its policy of intervention for the sector of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

A Foundation for the development of the society

The Compagnia di San Paolo, founded on 25 January 1563 as a charitable brotherhood, is today a private-law foundation, among the most important in Europe, with a patrimony exceeding 9 billion euro. It pursues objectives of public interest and social use, with the aim of encouraging civic, cultural and economic development in the communities where it operates, and is active in the areas of scientific, economic and juridical research, in education, the arts, the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and activities, the environment, health and assistance to the socially deprived categories of society. During 2007 the Compagnia made allocations for 1,122 programs in the institutional sectors of activity for a total of 167.4 million euro; in the sector of Cultural Heritage and Activities, there were 240 programs supported for a total of 18 million euro.