Dingderling Dingding!

for soprano, actress, mime and pianoforte

on 14 Children’s folksongs by Johannes Brahms,
the fairy tales of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm,
the German folk poems collected by Achim von Arnim and Clemens Brentano

Idea and staging by Sergio Liberovici
Scenographic organization and sketches for embroidery by Francesco Casorati
Translation Clara Bovero, Laura Panti
Restaging by Paola Roman
with the collaboration of Luca Valentino

Paola Roman actress
Monica Elias soprano
Andrea Mauri pianoforte
Laura Quaglia mime
Carmelina Casetta spinner

The final verse of one of the 49 German folk songs by Johannes Brahms opens and closes the concert-opera for soprano, actress, mime and pianoforte by Sergio Liberovici. Conceived with children in mind, but as he himself writes «for everyone», in this opera there is a intermingling of music, fairy tales, poems and actions, in a welcoming, familiar atmosphere, where one can bring alive the spirit of being together through daily gestures: carding, spinning, embroidering but also studying pianoforte, practicing solfeggio. The music is taken from Brahms, especially from the 14 Children’s folksongs, dedicated to the children of Robert and Clara Schumann, who admired its «extraordinary solutions in refinement and grace».

The fairy tales are by the brothers Grimm, capable of merging ancient German mythology and peasant folklore; the poems those collected by von Arnim and Brentano. A few objects are also added: the tools for working wool, the embroidery designed by Francesco Casorati, the furniture… ready to be used on stage by the actress Paola Roman and the soprano Monica Elias, accompanied by the pianist Andrea Mauri.

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