The musical scene in Piedmont, the result not only of cultural and social history but also of the work of public institutions and private individuals, attests to an artistic liveliness and planning ability exemplified by certain events which have become points of reference. The challenge before us now is to establish a proper system able to coordinate, govern, and, above all, lead towards new operative strategies, attentive to both the corroboration of critics and public and to national and international relations and exchanges.

RegioneInTour has arisen from these shared premises in order to answer the needs of the different provinces in Piedmont; a project resulting from the collaboration between the Piedmont Region and the Teatro Regio Foundation of Torino, it has been created to promote the decentralization of opera activity.
A project that intends to offer prestigious opera productions to theatres and attractive performance venues in Piedmont, thus establishing an ever closer relationship between the musical activity in Torino and the regional scene, something local administrators have long been hoping for.

This new undertaking brings together an important “opera circuit” with those musical activities that the Piedmont Region sustains under the name of Piemonte in musica. Another step towards increasing the cultural offering of our territory and spreading the enchanting patrimony of musical theatre.

Walter Vergnano
General Manager
of the Foundation
Teatro Regio

Mercedes Bresso
Piedmont Region

Gianni Oliva
Councillor for Culture
and Youth Activities
Piedmont Region