Opera and Ballet

Opera and Ballet

Stage photo (ph Michele Borzoni/TerraProject/Contrasto)

Teatro Regio, Thursday 19 November 2015 - Saturday 28 November 2015

Opera and Ballet

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Lucia di Lammermoor

Teatro Regio, Thursday 3 December 2015 - Sunday 6 December 2015

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Opera and Ballet

Picture for Cats

Teatro Regio, Thursday 25 February 2016 - Sunday 28 February 2016

I puritani


Michele Mariotti directs the masterpiece of Bellini. A sublime cast at Regio for this opera symbol of Italian bel canto

Teatro Regio, Tuesday, 14th April 2015 at 20:00

Il turco in Italia

The Turk in Italy
Daniele Rustioni directs a highly recognised cast of the bel canto
Director Christopher Alden debuts in Italy with a brilliant new staging

Teatro Regio, Thursday, 12th March 2015, 20:00

The marriage of Figaro, the greatest voices to interpret the masterpiece of Mozart

Le nozze di Figaro

The greatest voices to interpret the masterpiece of Mozart, in a new staging by Elena Barbalich conducted by Yutaka Sado

Teatro Regio, Thursday, 12th February 2015 at 20:00

Opera and Ballet

A sketch by Andrea De Rosa for Goyescas
Granados and Puccini: the odd couple
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