Season Tickets

Regular series

What are the regular series?

A season ticket to the Regular Series provides nine (Series A) or eight (Series B, C, D, F) shows from the season with fixed seating, plus numerous reductions contained in the carnet for season ticket holders.

Series A: opening nights
Series B e D: weeknight performances
Series C e F: Sundays and Saturday afternoons performances.

Renewal of the Season Tickets

REGULAR: by Monday 14 July at banks and post offices.
Requests for changes: by Saturday 12 July at the Box Office.

SPECIAL: from Thursday 4 to Wednesday 10 September

Only for Series A: substition of the coupon for Aci, Galatea e Polifemo with a regular ticket from Tuesday 7 Octobre to Thursday 20 November.

New Season Tickets


Regular and a Personalised Season tickets can be booked at the Box Office by submitting the forms, on line (from 14/6) on this site, by post or via fax at +39.011.8815.601.

REGULAR: from Saturday 14 June to Saturday 26 July
Seating assignments will be communicated in September.

PERSONALISED: from Saturday 14 June to Wednesday 2 July
Seating assignments will be communicated by 7 July.

SPECIAL, SIX-TICKET PACKAGES and SIX SUNDAYS: bookings are not allowed.

Payment by instalments

For Season Tickets costing more than € 150 it is possible to pay by instalments with financing.
Information at the Box Office.


Season Tickets with assigned seats

REGULAR: 9 shows (Series A); 8 shows (Series B - C - D - F)
On sale: from Saturday 13 to Saturday 20 September

SPECIAL: 4 shows
(Company, Family, Region 1 and 2, Matinee 1 and 2)

Sales for associations and groups: from Thursday 4 September to Wednesday 10 September
Sales to the general public:
from Saturday 13 to Saturday 20 September

Other proposals

6 shows
On sale:
from Saturday 14 June to Saturday 20 September


Medea 22 October
La bohème 28 October
Les Contes d’Hoffmann 5 February
Don Pasquale 24 April
La dama di picche 28 May
Adriana Lecouvreur 4 July


Medea 19 October
La bohème 26 October
Thaïs 21 December
Les Contes d’Hoffmann 1 February
La dama di picche 31 May
Adriana Lecouvreur 28 June

Personalsed Season Tickets

5 shows to be chosen, with changeable seating and dates and sectors fixed in advance
On sale:
from Tuesday 8 July to Saturday 20 September


2 titles for each of the following groups:

1 title from the following group:


2 titles for each of the following groups:

1 title from the following group:

HARMONIES: 6 shows

Teatro Regio and Teatro Stabile propose together, in a new Season Ticket:

3 titles of the Regio choosing 1 for each of the three groups indicated above (see 5 Shows) and 3 titles of the Stabile choosing from the following ten.

Teatro Carignano:
Zio Vania 3-15 February
L’intervista 3-15 March
La rigenerazione 5-17 May

Teatro Nuovo:
Guarda che luna! 7-17 January
La bella utopia 22-24 April

Fonderie Limone di Moncalieri:
La menzogna 21 October -2 November
Molly Sweeney 13-18 January
Porcile 10-15 February
Quattro atti profani 6-24 May
Cinema cielo 28-30 May.

On sale: from 18 June to 9 September at the box offices of both theatres