BBC Awards: nomination for Noseda and Regio

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Gianandrea Noseda and Sabina Cvilak

The success of the album recorded by the Orchestra and Chorus of Teatro Regio conducted by Noseda and dedicated to Petrassi has now reached a major milestone with the nomination for the BBC Music Magazine Awards 2014. The jury, that selects the best albums released last year, has justified the choice of this recording with these words:

“Chandos’s invaluable series of neglected 20th-century Italian music here reaches the fascinating and under-appreciated figure of Goffredo Petrassi, his country’s answer to Stravinsky and Hindemith. The performances of two major choral works under Gianandrea Noseda are ideally invigorating and splendidly recorded.”

The competition, the only one that requires the participation of the public for the ranking of the main categories, now gets to the final step.

So, we invite you to cast your vote on BBC Music Magazine Award 2014 website!


BBC Music Magazine Awards 2014