Verdi, narrar cantando

A tribute to Giuseppe Verdi, a first ever seen premiere by Marco Paolini and Mario Brunello

Teatro Regio, Thursday 14th November 2013 20.30
Friday 15th and Saturday 16th November at 20.30
Singing lesson for the popular chorus at 18.30 Piccolo Regio

Marco Paolini and Mario Brunello are together for an innovative project dedicated to Verdi and being performed for the very first time at the Teatro Regio to christen the show: Verdi, narrar cantando. They pay tribute to the most famous Italian composer, casting a new light on Verdi’s opera to celebrate the bicentenary birth of the Maestro from Busseto.
Marco Paolini, known to the general public for the story of Vajont, has always been distinguished as the author and performer of highly acclaimed civil narratives: “Verdi is not just a musician, he is a man of the theatre who thinks of a general design and then takes care of every detail to reach a targeted effect. The story is told through the words and music, but nothing superfluous must be left out just for the sake of beauty, or for the performance of the technique. Verdi then thought of a global and essential show, and the result is extraordinary because he invented something that seems to be much older than him. His operas became successful there and then, and even people who had not been to the theatre sang his songs; popularity equalled to that of Garibaldi”.
From these suggestions the idea was then to discover Verdi not only from a musician point of view, but also from a man of the theatre; revealing his personality his influence on Italian culture. In their own way Marco Paolini - in collaboration with the usual drama and texts by Gerardo Guccini - and Mario Brunello pays homage to Giuseppe Verdi, telling the story of a man through his life and his work. This is not just a show, but a real portrait of Verdi as a librettist, a director, an entrepreneur, a patriot and a politician.
The cellist Mario Brunello - he plays a “Maggini cello” of the seventeenth century - will take us into the world of the most popular themes of Verdi arias illustrating parts of the operas that have become part of our cultural tradition. To emphasize this fact, the choirs of some operas will be entrusted to the audience, accompanied by Stefano Nanni. Each performance will be preceded by a singing lesson, held by Mario Brunello and Francesca Breschi, to teach the public lyrics and music of the choirs that will be performed in the show. The audience will be a real "popular" choir, the protagonist of a great interaction with the artists on stage. The show is directed by Marco Paoliniand Cesar Brie; the lights are by Michele Mescalchin and the sound is byGabrielle Turra
The scenes and settings will have a very pop version consisting of a short story by Paolini who looks at some significant aspects of Verdi’s life in depths. As well as that, we will see an extraordinary journalistic description - a novel by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti - the funeral of Verdi in Milan (30 January 1901) followed by a huge crowd worthy of a king. It's not just a show to remember Verdi, but to remind ourselves that the composer is part of our culture and how much he is still ‘alive’.
Verdi, narrar cantando, produced by Antiruggine, Jolefilm and Teatro Regio, is designed both for music aficionados and for an audience not quite accustomed to attending the opera. In fact, the power of Verdi's melodies lies in their intelligibility: either sang, played or whistled, they do not lose their beauty. This cross cutting and universal approach, allowed the programming of the show, both within the opera season (Thursday, 14th and Friday 15th November) and in that of The Concert (Saturday, 16th November), always at 20:30.

Verdi, narrar cantando, will be recorded by RAI Radio3 to be later broadcast.

Seats cost €25, discounts for families, under 30 and over 65 for sale at the Teatro Regio - Tel 011.8815.241/242 - e- mail: or at Infopiemonte - Torinocultura. Also online on and credit card by calling 011.8815.270 (Mon-Fri 9-12).

An hour before the show at least 30 tickets are guaranteed to be put on sale. For more information call: 011.8815.557 

On Thursday 14th November at 10:30am there will be a recital of the show for the audience of "The School at the Opera". For more information and bookings call: 011.8815.209.

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