Verdi Gala


The best of the opera. The best of food

Teatro Regio, Wednesday 18th December at 19:00 and
Sunday 22nd December at 18:00

Two special events to close the year that celebrated the bicentenary of Giuseppe Verdi’s birth. Verdi Gala: on Wednesday 18th December at 19:00 and Sunday 22nd December at 18:00. An event that shows the sum of three intense operas: Macbeth, Il Trovatore e Aida combined with culinary delights of the land of Verdi, offered by Eataly. Opera and food: which proved to be very popular abroad, the Regio is offering this unusual combination for the first time, thanks to the support of the Amici del Regio. Amici del Regio is an association that brings together people who love art, culture and music, and that, a year after its foundation, has decided to cover the soloists’ wages, allowing the proceeds of the two evenings to be allocated to the initiatives that the theatre aims at young people.

The Gala Verdi, also marks the beginning of a collaboration with Eataly, a partnership that embraces the best of music and the best of the earth’s products: two great passions of Giuseppe Verdi, a tribute that would surely have pleased the Master. Giuseppe Giacosa, as a journalist, wrote in 1889: “Verdi is neither a great eater, nor choosy. He is fine at the table like all healthy, wise and sober man, but most of all he loves seeing the happiness around him through his guests. The sincere cheerfulness that accompanies pleasurable and delicious meals: he is a disciplined man, and as such, he believes that every aspect of life should have his moment of prevalence. He is an artist, and rightly considers the meals as a work of art.”

Macbeth, Il trovatore, Aida: the most famous arias, choirs and symphonic pieces executed by the Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro Regio with some of the most acclaimed soloists on the international scene, real Verdi’s specialists, such as Barbara Frittoli, Marianne Cornetti, Marcelo Álvarez and Luca Salsi. It is directed by the music director of the Regio: Gianandrea Noseda. The choirmaster is Claudio Fenoglio.

The music begins with Macbeth, the composer's first encounter with Shakespeare, in which the Master chiseled large pages for the characters caught up in violent passions, and choruses that have become anthems like “Homeland oppressed”. In the second part Il trovatore, possibly the richest opera in dramatic contrast from all Verdi’s opera. In the selection of songs, there are some of the most significant passages from “Tacea la notte placida”, to the infamous “Stride la vampa”, the gloomy song of the gypsy Azucena. The musical part will conclude with Aida and the most famous piece could not be left out: “Ritorna vincitor” as well as the dramatic final trio between Aida, Amonsaro and Radames, at the end of the third Act.

As for the cuisine, the texts tell us that Giuseppe Verdi was a connoisseur: in this regard, thanks to the collaboration with Eataly, you will be able to taste some dishes inspired on those, which the Master himself liked the most. Chef Ugo Alciati from the restaurant “Guido” in Serralunga d’Alba has designed the dishes. Right at the first interval, you will taste the legendary salami from the Emilia Romagna region, combined with Parmigiano Reggiano. Then, the croutons Rigoletto, with cayenne pepper, boiled egg and cooked ham, and a version of Verdi's “caponet”, ending with the soup Santé: a creamy and hot vegetable soup served on toasted cubes of bread. It will be all accompanied by a selection of wines that combines the best of classic Piedmontese and Lambrusco. In the second interval, to conclude in a canonical way, the favourite desserts signed by Master Luca Montersino: eggnog and chestnut pudding, combined Asti vintage champagne.

By participating in Gala, you can spend a fun evening with great music and tasting the best products of the Italian gastronomic culture, while helping to support the work that the Regio has dedicated many years to the youth. We believe it to be a good way to close 2013, a year that saw Giuseppe Verdi as the main protagonist of billboards all over the world and to whom the Teatro Regio has dedicated the beginning of the season with Simon Boccanegra, Rigoletto, La Traviata and, in the premiere of Marco Paolini e Mario Brunello, Verdi narrating singing.

Tickets (Sector A: €120 - Sector B: €100 and Sector C: €75 dinner included) are on sale at the Teatro Regio: Tel 011.8815.241/242. Email: or at Infopiemonte - TorinoCultura , online if paying by credit card please call: 011.8815.270 (Mon-Fri 9-12:00). Info 011.8815.557

Turin 28th November , 2013


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