The Concerts 2012-2013

Nine events from 1800s to 1900s
with the Orchestra and Chorus of Teatro Regio
and with Filarmonica ’900 of Teatro Regio

27th October 2012 – 21st May 2013

The Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro Regio and the Filarmonica’900 of the Regio will be the protagonists of the new season of The Concerts 2012-2013 which will open on 27th October with the conductor Gianandrea Noseda and will continue until 21st May 2013.

In addition to the master Noseda there will be some other leading conductors on the podium throughout ‘The Concerts’. Thanks to the vast repertoire of these nine events, we will be brought closer to the Romanticism and to the 1900s style schools, combining the different yet strong and lasting ties of arts such as that between Music and Cinema.

On Saturday 27th October at 20:30, the maestro Gianandrea Noseda will open the season conducting the Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro Regio in the dramatic symphony Roméo et Juliette for soloists, chorus and orchestra by Hector Berlioz, presented in, the rare, full version. In Symphonie dramatique, inspired by the work of Shakespeare, the task of telling the story is entrusted to the vocals, and that of the commentary will be conveyed by the instrumentals. Like Berlioz once said: «This opera is neither for concerts nor simply to be sung, but a symphony with choruses. Even though the songs are featured right from the beginning, it must prepare the mind of the listener for the more dramatic scenes in which the feelings and passions are expressed by the orchestra». On stage we will see the mezzo-soprano Veronica Simeoni, the tenor Paolo Fanale and the bass Steven Humes. The Choir will be led by Claudio Fenoglio.

On 19th November at 20:30, Master Yutaka Sado, who is on the podium conducting Bizet’s Carmen in the month of November, will also be conducting the Orchestra Filarmonica '900 as well as the pianist Dmitry Majboroda in a programme dedicated to Russian music. The Scherzo for orchestra in D minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff belongs to the early period of Rachmaninoff’s career as a composer and is dedicated to the great Russian pianist Aleksandr Ziloti, and the Rapsodia sopra un tema di Paganini for Piano and Orchestra, Op.43, composed in 1934 and divided into twenty-four variations on the Capriccio no.24 by this famous Italian violinist. Contrary to what one might think, the Rhapsody is not a tribute to Paganini, but to Franz Liszt, who in turn, in 1838, worked on the same Capriccio in the Études d’éxécution trascendante d’après Paganini. The evening will end with the Symphony no.8 in C minor, Op. 65 by Dmitrij Šostakovič, an opera written in 1943 as a painful and heartfelt reflection on war, triggered by the tense atmosphere created around the terrible war against Nazi Germany. The concert is realized with the contribution of the Fondazione CRT and in collaboration with the Foundation Serge Rachmaninoff.

The night 17th December is our Oscar winner night, when the master Luis Bacalov (Oscar winner for the music of Il postino in 1995), is in a dual role of both conductor and pianist at 20:30. Mr Bacalov will be conducting the Filarmonica’900 in the most famous songs by Ennio Morricone (Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement 2007) as well as songs by Bacalov himself. The soloists are: Gianni Iorio playing the bandoneón and Sergey Galaktionov on the violin.

The year 2012 will end with two highly anticipated concerts celebrated on Sunday 30th December at 20:30 and on Monday 31st December at 17:30. For these dual performances the maestro Gianandrea Noseda will conduct the Orchestra and Chorus of the Teatro Regio in a jovial and warm festive season atmosphere. The programme will open with the Symphony n.1 in C Major by Georges Bizet, written in his youth as part of academic work yet full of extraordinary melodic freshness. The evening will then continue following the dancing notes of the Waltz and of the Polonaise from Evegnij Onegin by Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij. This opera will also be on stage at the Regio in May, where we will see Master Noseda himself on the podium. The symphony no.4 in A major, Op.90 (Italiana) by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy will lead the audience through the colours and sounds of Italy, colours and sounds so well known to the author during his trip around Europe between 1829 and 1831. And to end this evening, the comic-satirical tone of the choir of spirits of wine and beer in the «Glou! Glou! Glou!» from Les Contes d'Hoffmann and of the famous Galop infernal, better known as Can-can, from Orphée aux enfers by Jacques Offenbach will close the evening. The maestro Claudio Fenoglio will lead the Choir throughout the evening. During the concerts a toast, offered by the Antica Cantina di Canelli, will be offered.

On the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day, on 28th Monday January at 20:30, the German cellist Jan Vogler and the Filarmonica'900 under the direction of Maestro Israel Yinon, will perform Schelomo, a Hebrew Rhapsody for cello and Orchestra by Ernest Bloch, where the cello represents the deep voice of King Solomon and the orchestra represents the world around him. Then the Passacaglia by Hans-Peter Dott and the Symphony no.3 in E flat major, Op. 97 (Renana) by Robert Schumann, the last opera by this German composer. The concert is organized in collaboration with the Jewish Community of Turin.

In the month that follows, we will be able to witness the flow of Art, where Music and Cinema merge on Monday 25th February at 20:30, when the film The Kid (USA,1921) by Charlie Chaplin will be screened. The Filarmonica'900 will play the film’s soundtrack written by the director himself, live. The orchestra will be conducted by Timothy Brock, an American composer and conductor, recognized as one of the leading experts in the world when film music is concerned. He has been in fact applying himself to restore the film scores of Charlie Chaplin since 2000, following a request of the foundation created by the family of actor-director.

On Saturday 16th March at 20.30, the Orchestra of the Teatro Regio and the soprano Alda Caiello will be on the stage of the Teatro Regio conducted by Maestro Noseda. Trasfigurazione a song for chamber orchestra by the young composer and pianist Gianluca Cascioli, from Turin. This song is the same that won this emerging talent the First National Competition, the prize «Francesco Agnello». Following Folksongs for soprano and orchestra by Luciano Berio will follow. This is one of the most popular pieces by this composer, consisting of a group of arrangements of folk music from various countries and conceived as a «tribute to the extraordinary art» of American singer Cathy Berberian, an illustrious interpreter of this Italian composer. Remaining in Italy with the symphonic fantasy in G, Op.16 Aus Italien by Richard Strauss, its composing of which was inspired in the scenic views during the journey made by the composer in the summer of 1886.

Under the direction of Maestro Gianandrea Noseda, the first violin of the orchestra of the Teatro Sergey Galaktionov will conclude the season, which will be a test of his skill and versatility as a soloist. The concert will be held on Tuesday 21st May at 20:30. Together with the Orchestra of the Teatro Regio there will be the performance of Suite de concert for violin and orchestra op.28 by Sergej Ivanovič Taneev. An opera in which the influence of the Baroque suite, the romanticism of Schumann and Čajkovskij, of whom Taneev was a student, and the Symphony no. 5 in E minor, Op. 64 by Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij and optimistic Russian composition, where the initial somber theme turns into a real triumphant march throughout its four movements.

The Concerts 2012-13 has also received this year, the fundamental contribution of UniCredit which is the Filarmonica'900 Main Partner since its creation and La Stampa Newspaper as a Media Partner.

Tickets for all concerts are on sale at €25 (For over 65 and affiliated subscribers of the Regio, reduced: €20 and €15 for people under 30). Tickets can be purchased from the Regio Theatre Box Office (open from Tuesday to Friday 10:30-18:00 and 10:30-16:00 Saturday – Call: 011.8815.241/242). You can also buy it from Infopiemonte-Torinocultura (from Monday to Sunday 10:00-18:00). Or go online: Alternatively it is possible to purchase tickets over the phone (credit cards are required for this transaction) by calling: 011.8815.270 from Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00.

The Concerts are part of the Regio in Famiglia initiative which provides free admission for children under 16 accompanied by an adult (ticket reduced to €20). However, we would like to remind all that the number of tickets made available for this initiative is limited.

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