Scuola di Ballo Accademia Teatro alla Scala

Director: Frédéric Olivieri


Music by Edward Helsted, Holger S. Paulli, Niels W. Gade
Coreography da August Bournonville revived by Frédéric Olivieri
Choreography assistant Leonid Nikonov
Costumes by Anna Molinari for Blumarine

La bella addormentata

Music by Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij
Coreography by Mats Ek courtesy of Mats Ek,
revived by Pompea Santoro
Choreographic assistant Emanuela Tagliavia
Costumes by Peder Freiij

Bal des Cadets

Music by Johann Strauss and Antal Dorati
Choreographic arrangement by Tatiana Nikonova e
Leonid Nikonov from David Lichine
Costumes by Anna Molinari per Blumarine

Under the leadership of Frédéric Olivieri, the young artists of the Ballet School of the Teatro alla Scala – active for almost two centuries – present a varied programme based on different epochs, bringing together the styles of August Bournonville, Mats Ek and David Lichine.

First there is, Napoli, a love story with a happy ending between the fisherman Gennaro and the lovely young woman Teresina. Warmth, colours and vivacity for a dance of nimble virtuosities. Then there is a leap forward from the mid-19th century to 1999 with Ek’s Sleeping Beauty, a modern tale that combines strong gesturing with a strong story: a rebel princess who does not prick herself with a spindle but with the needle of a syringe. Closing the performance is the Graduation Ball, written for debuting ballerinas by Lichine and adapted here by Leonid Nikonov and Tatiana Nikonova, teachers at the school. The love stories and winking among the youths at their first dance, right under the nose of the headmistress, also intent on a game of seduction with the General, are most enjoyable.