Opera in one act and ten scenes

by Dario and Lia Del Corno freely based
on The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

Music by Carlo Boccadoro
commission and production Associazione In Canto
Direction by Claudio Di Palma
Carlo Boccadoro Conductor
Robinson Crusoe, baritone Roberto Abbondanza
Venerdi and the Parrot, soprano Eleonora Contucci

Laboratorio Ensemble
Alessandro Molinaro flute
Gianluca Calonghi clarinet in si b (also bass clarinet in sib)
Piergiorgio Rosso violin
Francesca Gosio violoncello
Antonio Valentino pianoforte
Riccardo Balbinutti percussion instruments

Conductor Carlo Boccadoro
Staging OperaInCanto 2007
Direction and sets Claudio Di Palma
Direction assistant Adriana Follieri
Musical collaborator SilviaPaparelli, Carlo Podestà
Sets' realization Emanuele Perelli
Costumes Giusy Vacalebre

Robinson, an opera in one act and ten scenes, is a reworking of Daniel Defoe’s classic novel The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, with libretto by Dario and Lia Del Corno and music by Carlo Boccadoro. Leading composer of the new generation, Boccadoro is the author of symphonic and chamber music, an orchestra conductor, and writes for the theatre and dance. His music is the fruit of his tastes, which he himself calls “schizophrenic”: «I don’t have one style, I have many styles, each connected to the moment when I’m composing. I’m not interested in style or creating a school. Those who worry a lot about form, about style, only write for posterity. I write for today, each piece counts in that moment. I try to bring together different kinds of music, to use all the musical languages that interest me at that moment, to tie their common threads together again…». He conducts the Laboratorio Ensemble, while on stage are the baritone Roberto Abbondanza and the soprano Eleonora Contucci. The direction is by Claudio Di Palma.

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