Les Fables à la Fontaine

Le Loup et l’agneau

Coreography by Béatrice Massin
Music by Marin Marais
Costumes by Danièle Barraud
Lighting by Rémi Nicolas
With David Lerat and Céline Angibaud

Le Héron

Coreography by Satchie Noro e Alain Rigout
Music by Ghedalia Tazartes
With Satchie Noro and François-Noël Bing
Lighting by Rémi Nicolas
Scenery by Jacqueline Bosson

Contre ceux qui ont le goût difficile

Idea and direction by Lia Rodrigues
Music by Les Motivés, Chants de lutte
Dramaturgy by Silvia Soter
Costumes by Francine Barros
Lighting by Franck Niedda, Lia Rodrigues
Costumes' realization: Clotilde Barros Pontes
With Sylvie Pabiot and Marianne Simon

There are three amusing choreographic creations presented by the French troupe Petite Fabrique and inspired by the well-known fables of La Fontaine, who used animals to tell the tales of humans. Le Loup et l’agneau di Béatrice Massin, using the music of Marin Marais and Baroque dance, shows us the similarity among the different historical epochs. Next is Le Héron by Satchie Noro and Alain Rigout, a ballet in two acts set to the music of Ghedalia Tazartes, who offers un elegant Valse des poissons, while the ending is Contre ceux qui ont le goût difficile by Lia Rodrigues, a less well-known fable that grasps the author’s anxieties, thought and choices, and which the playwright sets in the France described by La Fontaine and in present-day Brazil, accompanied by the music of the Chants de lutte of the group Les Motivés.Who are the strong ones and who are the weak ones in these two worlds? Won’t winning or losing be merely a question of perspective?

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