Cronache animali

for one actress who sings and 5 instruments

Texts by Toti Scialoja
Music by Nicola Campogrande
Stage direction by Paola Roman
Scenery by Giorgio Barullo

Paola Roman
Toujours Ensemble

Gabriele Artuso flaute
Marco Tardito clarinet
Alberto Delle Piane guitar
Margherita Monnet violoncello
Marco Puxeddu percussion instruments

Rollers Alessandro Guida and Fabrizio Gnan
Effeci Music Production

This composition by Nicola Campogrande on texts by Toti Scialoja is called a pocket-opera because it was intended for only one actress who sings and acts, Paola Roman. And the name is perfect for this delicate composition, cheerful and ready to use. The onomatopoetic nursery rhymes become encyclopaedia entries, jazz mingles with classic tradition, avant-garde music and children’s songs, swing and French music, are all found side by side. The scenery is also “pocket”: a large cartoon, conceived of by Giorgio Barullo, runs in the background like the film of a motion picture. And then gradually all the characters of the opera appear, caught in a singular gesture of text and music: «Pipistrello ti par bello/ far pipì dentro l’ombrello?». The direction is by the same Paola Roman and the music is performed by the Toujours Ensemble.

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