Nozze di sangue, Suite flamenca

Antonio Gades Compañia
Balletto di Antonio Gades

Nozze di Sangue, inspired by the opera Bodas de Sangre by Federico García Lorca, is the ballet created by Antonio Gades in observance of the much-loved poet killed by Franco’s supporters during the Civil War. It is a true Spanish story, a tragedy of strong colours, which intensely describes the sentiments of the Andalusian people and a Mediterranean culture steeped in jealousy, love and death.

Suite Flamenca is the very best of flamenco; a series of dance numbers, solos, couple dances, and group dances highlighting all the most spectacular characteristics of this marvellous dance. A valuable collection of choreographies created by Antonio Gades in twenty years of career.


Serre Reali del Castello di Racconigi

  1. Tuesday 22 July 2008 - 21.30