City Lights

City Lights by Charlie Chaplin

Timothy Brock, Conductor

Filarmonica ’900 del Teatro Regio


The Filarmonica ’900 of Teatro Regio accompanies with a live performance of the sound track the screening of the film City Lights by Charlie Chaplin (USA 1931, 86’, with Charles Chaplin, Harry Myers, Virginia Cherryll, Florence Lee, Al Ernest Garcia, Hank Mann, Henry Bergman, Eddie Baker). Charlie Chaplin was responsible for the direction, subject, film script, editing and music of this comedy romance in pantomime, which tells the story of a tramp and flower girl who, despite the revolutionary invention of sound, don’t need voices. The music tells the story, makes the narration more fluid and highlights the emotional and sentimental aspects of the story, substituting, not the images, but the words.

Before the music

Teatro Regio, Monday 19th November, 19.45

Get together with Steve Della Casa

Steve Della Casa, president of the Film Commission, introduces City Lights to the public, explaining how the music is not only a distinctive feature of Chaplin’s way of conceiving cinema and direction, but also of his way of acting, to such a degree that it isn’t possible to separate Chaplin the composer from Chaplin the actor.