Capossela with Brunello

Fuggite, amanti, Amor.
Rime e Lamentazioni per Michelangelo

Music by Philippe Eidel, Vinicio Capossela, Giovanni Sollima,
Paolo Pandolfo, Claudio Monteverdi, Johann Sebastian Bach

Vinicio Capossela, voice and pianoforte
Mario Brunello, violoncello

with the extraordinary participation of
Paolo Pandolfo, viola da gamba

Christoph Urbanetz, viola da gamba
Sergio Alvares, viola da gamba
Vincenzo Vasi, theremin and sampler
Carlo Rebeschini, orchestration


Fuggite, amanti, amor. Rhymes and Lamentations for Michelangelo is a unique project, universal in its embrace and relevance, an extraordinary show, the result of years of work, a concert of “fatigue, tension and beauty”. Combining in music the lamentations and love sonnets was natural, and the invitation to the Genio fiorentino festival (May 2007) constituted the incentive for Capossela to compose new music for eight Rhymes. As regards the formation – says Capossela – «we thought of the violoncello for expressing the fatigue and the viola da gamba for the beauty». Brunello echos him: «a voice like Vinicio’s, which from the bow has the tension of friction and the flexibility of curved wood that makes the nervous system of the strings vibrate, will be supported by wooden bodies, the antique forms of viole da gamba and violoncello». And then there’s the pianoforte of Capossela, the theremin and samplers that broaden the horizon of sound.

Before the music

Teatro Regio - Monday 13 October, 19.45

Get together with Mario Brunello

Mario Brunello presents to the public a concert that will celebrate «especially love, and beauty, like something that deprives us of our identity…or like fire…and defenceless against the beauty, against the face of the beloved, through the small space of the eyes it seems to enter, and overflows…».

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  1. Monday 11 February 2008 - 20.30